Pass It On! - Out Now!

It's been months in the making, but we're finally excited to say our all new game: Pass It On! Is out now on the Apple App Store.

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How does a cookie, turn into a potato? Or a cat, turn into an elephant? Find out in the all new hilarious game Pass It On! Draw a word and see if your friends can guess the word, then pass it on and see what happens! Pass It On is just like the telephone game that you played at school, except it's all about drawing the word and passing it on to the next player.

Make sure to check out Pass It On! - On The Apple App Store today!

See Ya!

- DV Team. 

The All New DV

After a long stretch of development and design, we're glad to release the entirley new re-vamped Our website has gone through a vast range of changes over the years. We've tried to focus with this new design on making the site speed efficient and easy to use on mobile devices.

The new website allows us to better feature new products, apps, websites and services from DV Artz, in addition to restoring the blog. 

Make sure to let us know your thoughts by using the disqus comment system!

- DV Team. 

Introducing DV Kidz!

We're glad to release an all new website that encompases our wide range of highly successfuly kids apps and websites. Ever since our begining we've made great apps for Disney's Club Penguin & Minecraft, and as we expand into other avenues and ventures we decided to find a new way to keep these great apps for kids updated and awesome!

With DV Kidz our subsidirary, we can focus on delivering amazing new experiances whilst still keeping our awesome range of apps and websites up to date. DV Kidz .com highlights all our popluar Club Penguin & Minecraft apps/websites for our younger customers and visitors.

See Ya!

- DV Team. 

Next Play Music, Out Now!

It's been months in development, but we're excited to say our newest app: Next Play Music is out now on the Apple App Store!

Next Play Music is an all new way to experiance your existing music collection. It knows what music you like best & helps you listen to it in an all new way! Line up is a whole new way to play a list of songs without having to make a playlist. It’s essentially an on the fly playlist of songs you want to listen to right then & there!

Let us know what you think about Next Play Music! Download it today on the app store.

See Ya!

- DV Team. 

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