Next Play Music 2

Next Play Music is a music player that allows you to customize your music library and organize your music however you like. We introduced the original idea two years ago as a concept for letting iTunes music owners view and explore their music based on what they listen to most. We've recently updated Next Play Music that updates the app with a beatifuly simple redesign. 

Under the hood, we've also re-written the entire app using Apple's new programming language called "Swift". What this means for customers, is that the app will work a lot faster, smoother and easier. Users can now drag and drop to rearrange their items. They can also tap and hold to delete items from their library. The addidion of a + button on each section also allows for adding items manually to your favorites. 

We hope our users will enjoy this beautiful and simple music experiance. As with all of our apps they come from ideas that we ourselves want to use.

- DV Artz Team.

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Introducing Qrek, QR Codes Made Simple!

Today we released an all new app. Qrek, is a super simple app that makes QR codes fun and easy. With Qrek, you can scan codes, create them and even have your own Qrek Card. Qrek Card is your personal buisiness card, so friends, clients and other people you meet, can quickly get your details in a snap!



Qrek is available now, and is also translated into a few different languages. So people all around the world can use Qrek. Let's make QR Code scanning simple and fun. Download Qrek today off the App Store!

- DV Team.

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