Apple WWDC17

This year, Apple is set to be hosting its worldwide developers conference in San Jose California this year on June 5th. We are more than excited to be attending this tremendous and insightful event for the second year in a row. WWDC is an event where developers get the opportunity to work with experts from Apple, to find new and exciting ways to create amazing apps and games.

This year Apple is pushing a theme that expresses the importance for creating diverse content. And creating apps that have a connection to liberal arts. Apple has stated that they view themselves as a company that meets at the intersection of liberal arts and technology. Last years conference really thrived on encouraging the importance of code. Apple used that theme in conjunction with the event to release Swift Playgrounds for iPad. The styling of the marketing artwork for last year was very code-oriented. Whereas this years promotional artwork is both artistic and diverse.

We’re expecting there will be a lot of sessions looking at creating diverse apps, as Apple has already been extremely at the forefront with this kind of thing. For example, the wide variety of diverse emojis that were released in iOS 8.3 and the even more gender inclusive emojis seen in iOS 10.

Our company’s name; DV Artz stands for Digital Visual Artz. We pride ourselves in creating beautiful content that is creative and, to a degree, lines up with Apple’s passion for liberal arts. There is certainly an excitement for possible opportunities and releases that relate to creative areas. iOS 11 is set to be released and who knows what other goodies are on their way from Apple. Once again, we're very excited to be attending, and look forward to keeping you updated with our experience.

- DV Artz Team.

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Next Play Music 2

Next Play Music is a music player that allows you to customize your music library and organize your music however you like. We introduced the original idea two years ago as a concept for letting iTunes music owners view and explore their music based on what they listen to most. We've recently updated Next Play Music that updates the app with a beatifuly simple redesign. 

Under the hood, we've also re-written the entire app using Apple's new programming language called "Swift". What this means for customers, is that the app will work a lot faster, smoother and easier. Users can now drag and drop to rearrange their items. They can also tap and hold to delete items from their library. The addidion of a + button on each section also allows for adding items manually to your favorites. 

We hope our users will enjoy this beautiful and simple music experiance. As with all of our apps they come from ideas that we ourselves want to use.

- DV Artz Team.

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Update To Pass It On!

Pass It On! Is a game that was inspired by chinese whipsers or the telephone game. With Pass It On! you have to draw a word, pass it to the next player and they have to guess what you drew. The catch? They then have to pass their guess on to the next person, who has to draw what they just wrote down! Pass It On! very quickly turns into a hilarious game night attraction. Especially when you play with multible devices. We've recently done an update to Pass It On! and fixed some bugs, made it a whole lot easier to play and given it a fresh coat of paint.


We've also released an update to the shop, called unlock all. You can now unlock all the extra categories for a one of purchase. We hope you love the update to Pass It On! and find that it's a great addition to game night with friends.

- DV Artz Team.

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Introducing Qrek, QR Codes Made Simple!

Today we released an all new app. Qrek, is a super simple app that makes QR codes fun and easy. With Qrek, you can scan codes, create them and even have your own Qrek Card. Qrek Card is your personal buisiness card, so friends, clients and other people you meet, can quickly get your details in a snap!



Qrek is available now, and is also translated into a few different languages. So people all around the world can use Qrek. Let's make QR Code scanning simple and fun. Download Qrek today off the App Store!

- DV Team.

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