Update To Pass It On!

Pass It On! Is a game that was inspired by chinese whipsers or the telephone game. With Pass It On! you have to draw a word, pass it to the next player and they have to guess what you drew. The catch? They then have to pass their guess on to the next person, who has to draw what they just wrote down! Pass It On! very quickly turns into a hilarious game night attraction. Especially when you play with multible devices. We've recently done an update to Pass It On! and fixed some bugs, made it a whole lot easier to play and given it a fresh coat of paint.


We've also released an update to the shop, called unlock all. You can now unlock all the extra categories for a one of purchase. We hope you love the update to Pass It On! and find that it's a great addition to game night with friends.

- DV Artz Team.

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Introducing Qrek, QR Codes Made Simple!

Today we released an all new app. Qrek, is a super simple app that makes QR codes fun and easy. With Qrek, you can scan codes, create them and even have your own Qrek Card. Qrek Card is your personal buisiness card, so friends, clients and other people you meet, can quickly get your details in a snap!



Qrek is available now, and is also translated into a few different languages. So people all around the world can use Qrek. Let's make QR Code scanning simple and fun. Download Qrek today off the App Store!

- DV Team.

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WWDC 2016

It's something we're really excited about, the team at DV Artz we're lucky enough to get their hands on tickets to WWDC 2016. So we'll be really excited to be live tweeting from the keynote from the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium. 

Let us know what you're looking forward to at WWDC16!

- DV Artz Team.

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DV Artz State of the Union

We're not quite sure what the meaning of state of the union means. But today we wanted to share with much joy some facts and figures about how DV Artz (DV Artz Limited) has been doing as a company.

To date, over 1.4 million customers have downloaded the amazing apps that we make. Our most popular app is part of our DV Kidz Entertainment Limited subsidiary, Skin Creator for Minecraft Free. Over 2.8 million skins have been shared amongst the online community, which means we might need to have a clean up!

We have developed a total of 10 different mobile applications, all shared on the Apple iOS platform and have been developing since 2010. We are extremely excited about a lot of the great projects that we have under way.

- DV Team.

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