Update To Pass It On!

Pass It On! Is a game that was inspired by chinese whipsers or the telephone game. With Pass It On! you have to draw a word, pass it to the next player and they have to guess what you drew. The catch? They then have to pass their guess on to the next person, who has to draw what they just wrote down! Pass It On! very quickly turns into a hilarious game night attraction. Especially when you play with multible devices. We've recently done an update to Pass It On! and fixed some bugs, made it a whole lot easier to play and given it a fresh coat of paint.


We've also released an update to the shop, called unlock all. You can now unlock all the extra categories for a one of purchase. We hope you love the update to Pass It On! and find that it's a great addition to game night with friends.

- DV Artz Team.

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