Limited Edition One-Edition™

The game has changed and the definition of limited edition has an all new meaning with DV Artz One-Edition™ NFT pieces. Collect and trade official DV Artz Collectibles.

  • One-Edition™

    Forget limited edition, DV Artz NFT content is one-edition™. All NFT art pieces are only available once and for sale on respective marketplaces.

  • Truly short supply.

    Unlike many NFT collections on the market, the One-Edition™ NFT articles are a scarce limited supply. Our artwork is determined by the games, apps, and products currently available from our network and will be limited to a small limited time offerings on marketplaces such as Rarible and OpenSea.

    Once sold, the only place to find them again will be with collectors looking to re-sell. Get in quick and get first edition, only edition collector pieces.

  • This Is, The New Trading Card

    NFT has revolutionised the online collectable marketplace and with DV Artz One-Edition™ NFT pieces. You will poses a 1 of 1 collectable.

    Featuring unique characters from across the DV Artz ecosystem. Unique pieces designed and picked from global best-selling games & apps from the DV Artz ecosystem.